Why Hittalu coffee?

Explore how Hittalu coffee stands apart from other brands.

We are what we eat. We are what we consume into our body every single day. So,we want to be 100% transparent about what goes into your morning beverage , so you can make a well informed decision.

Quality, complexity, and balance all  in a single cup simply defines our “ Hittalu coffee”. Investing partnerships with true backyard coffee producers who are diligently refined in the craft of producing the best coffee beans in India.

Our mission is to seek out the best quality coffee beans that makes our hittalu coffee healthy, tasty and lip smacking good. Collecting the finest regional and single farm-sourced coffee beans  for coffee lovers,  we share them our spirit of the quest for the ultimate cup of coffee!

We consider customers as our utmost  priority. We invite our customers to join the journey  in collaboration with our farmers as we explore the multitudes of coffee flavors. we take pride in giving coffee the care it deserves. As ambassadors for the farmers of fine quality backyard coffees, we are dedicated to knowledge and its dissemination, accurate execution, exceptional service and optimum levels of excellence.