About Us

Welcome to Hittalu's world of Coffee:

 Hittalu Coffee is the Brand owned by Green Theory Technologies LLP.

We, at HITTALU COFFEE  are a bunch of coffee lovers very particular about  how our coffee should be. Hence, our quest for  finding specially cared & crafted coffee beans from the centuries-old South Indian coffee culture and having found one perfect to our taste was no less than a dream come true.

Like they say, you can not buy happiness , but you can buy coffee and that’s  pretty close. In our case, we can sell coffee and that’s how we spread joy!

We certainly want to share this  to as many  people around us, every single day. That’s the inspiration behind  “Hittalu Coffee” spread the joy through an authenticated beverage. 

We are joining hands with fresh backyard coffee farmers for sustainably sourced coffee; as we believe the magic of the best natural flavored coffee beans truly shine when treated with personal cared artistry and appeal.

Our homely backyard farmers maintain a reputation of family tradition in growing the best beans since many decades. Our roaster operation commits to a great amount of skill, energy, and time to produce a great roast. In fact, every dusk  at the Western Ghats shrills, trills, squeals, and squawks with us in providing the best cup of coffee for you.

Hittalu Coffee expresses & creates good moments. We would want to be the means of celebration in every household. Leave your worries aside, and have a mug full of happiness called “Hittalu Coffee”