The brief history of Hittalu Coffee!

Every action has a purpose behind it. Sometimes, the stronger the purpose, the greater the impact it can have on people.

As we narrate our story, its not just the quality and authenticity of the product, but also the intention behind starting “HITTALU COFFEE” that would make you want to be OUR ENDEARED CUSTOMERS, FOR LIFETIME.

          The history of HITTALU COFFEE dates back to 1800s! That’s right. We have a long and a very interesting story and even better purpose behind starting this venture. So buckle up and read on:

Smuggling the exotic coffee beans from Arabian lands, hajj travelers helped Indians crack the secret of the Koffa coffee ecstasy, says the history. Planting coffee beans  thus procured in Chikkamagaluru & Chandragiri hills. This was nearly about 350 years back. Ever since, Chikkamagaluru has lived to its greatest potential as the cornerstone of coffee’s economy.  Soon, coffee got popular among local residents of Chandragiri hilly region who grew coffee right in their backyards. They named their backyard grown coffee beans as, 'Hittalu Coffee' with love. The authenticity and their passion has lived on, in spite of thousands of varieties of coffee plantations that has come up over the years.

The specialty of these people is that, they are small scale farmers. Since they are  NOT into mass production, they know exactly how many plants are there, what goes into their crop production. They treat their plants like their own kids. With great deal of care, in spite of the profit or loss, for sheer passion for growing these coffee beans, they do it.

          We were fortunate enough to come across these farmers who belong to the fourth and fifth generations of the earliest coffee producers in the mysuru state during maharaja wodeyar’s period (early 19th century).

We can’t but emphasize the fact that agriculture is indeed the backbone of India. There are lakhs of people who are still non-commercial and can’t afford to cultivate big or invest on their land as they are always in debts or lack facilities and opportunities in spite of heaps of talent and skills.

          Through this venture, with all your support, we can let the community of small scale farmers find a better lifestyle. Together we can change the course of their life. We assure 100% quality and authenticity in the product. The passion with which they grow will surely reach every household in the days to come. Such is the hope that has been instilled by our Hittalu coffee farmers through their excellent determination and promise to give us the quality beans. You not only get the best beverage every morning but a heartfelt gratitude for buying our products and being a ray of hope for their children and family.

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