BLACK COFFEE: The bittersweet beverage in all its entirety!


                  Some of you here may absolutely love drinking coffee as black and it makes your mornings super energetic. But, do you know enough about the beverage that you consume every single day?  I am sure everyone’s heard enough BLACK COFFEE jokes! Today, let’s bust some myths around this hot, dark beverage that we enjoy. From health benefits to nutritional value that it carries to all the possible side effects, let’s explore BLACK COFFEE in this article, shall we?   

Black coffee is basically coffee beans brewed without any additives like sugar, milk or cream.  Essentially, Black Coffee is the actual coffee. All the other coffee variants that you drink are alternatives from the ad-ons to this black coffee. 

Since, Black coffee doesn’t contain any additional ingredients , the overall calorie of a small cup of coffee is just 8 calories. Contrary to our famous filter coffee(with milk and sugar), which is a whopping 130-180 calories(for a small cup fo 120ml).

                  Those of you who are trying to cut down a few pounds, a small change from coffee to black can help you reduce around 100 calories in your overall intake per day. If you drink coffee more than once a day, then calorie cut down increases too!! There you go, black coffee can be your best buddy in calorie management :D  

Also, great news vegans! Since there are neither dairy products nor sugar, It can be your go-to morning beverage too!

Additionally it has  0% sugar, 0% fat, 0% cholesterol, 0% carbohydrates, 0% sodium and 4% potassium. We should know that, food isn’t always about calories but the amount of nutrients it can provide for our body. Clearly, Black Coffee is a nutrient deficient food.

But, in spite of its low nutrient value, this hot beverage can give us multiple health benefits.  

  • It boosts metabolic activity, increases the overall energy level and sometimes we can also use it to kill hunger, especially during fasting.
  • It is antioxidant rich (rich in potassium, manganese, Vitamin B3, B5, B2). What that means is antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals that are produced in the body.
  • We all know with our current lifestyle, the number of cancer patients have drastically increased. As Black coffee helps in reducing inflammation which hinders tumor to grow further , several types of cancers can be prevented by consuming this beverage.
  • We know, consumption of water or water-like beverage increases the frequency of urination. As irritating as it can be, it is in a way removing toxins from our body which also in turn helps cleanse our stomach.
  • It gives a healthier Liver. By mere consumption of black coffee, the chances of getting cirrhosis of liver reduces by 80% and liver cancer by 40%.
  • It lowers rick of diseases like alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and also sharpens the brain. As it fires up some of the neurotransmitters in the brain making us smarter.
  • Risk of Heart disease decreases and The Black Coffee increases the overall health of Cardiovascular system  in our body as it boosts metabolism. But, it should never act like an excuse to skip our usual exercise!

In conclusion, Black Coffee, when consumed in moderation can be an excellent choice for a morning beverage. Be mindful and say cheers to our Brand new Hittalu Black Coffee

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